Tool for conversion
of SAP®/HCM data


Changing HCM
specific and accounting-relevant key fields
across systems


  • Redesign of your SAP®/HCM-system
  • Junction of HR-data from different systems
  • Adaptation of your SAP®/HCM-data to a new HR-template

This tool is designed to change values in the most important HR-fields like company code, legal person, personnel area, time wage types, ... The values for conversion can be entered easily and comfortably into an EXCEL-file, which is used for controlling the conversion.

During conversion, all relevant HR data is converted, independent of the start and end dates. This procedure ensures that all evaluations can continue to run with the same selections regardless of the data selection period and provide reasonable results.


  • SAP®-R3 available for Releases 4.70, ECC 500, ECC 600 (incl. all EhPs), SAP S/4HANA®
  • independent
  • independent
  • AT, DE, CH, FR, GB, BE, CZ, PT, HU, SK, IND, USA, AUS, NZL(other country versions possible upon request)
  • German, English

The complete tool is implemented in ABAP and supported by detailed documentation.

your benefits


your data from different systems

as many simulation runs

as are desired can be carried out before the productive run


through customizing tables or CSV file

easy to convert...

hr.dat.conversion can easily convert around 100 key fields system-wide. As a result, your data from multiple systems or clients can be merged or changed with just a few clicks. Save valuable time redesigning your SAP system.

Most important Keys in HR

(personnel number, applicant number, object key PD-Objects)

Components of organizational assignment

(personnel area, personnel subarea, org.unit,…)

Cross-application components (HR-module)

(company code, cost center,…)

Components for payroll and time management

(wage type, pay scale level, time type,...)

Another 70 relevant key fields

(action type, reason for action, activity (key), …)
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